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This end table is made from Tasmanian Blackwood and a bookmatched panel of Blackheart sassafras as the top. Bookmatching is the art of taking a thick board, sawing it down the middle, folding the two halves open like a book and edge-glueing the two halves back together, resulting in a mirror image of the grain patterns. Highly patterned like the Blackheart Sassafras are ideal for this technique. Finished in hand rubbed Danish oil. Approximately 600x600x400mm

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Side Tables




Side Table, End Table, Occasional Table

Damion Fauser
Damion Fauser Fine Woodwork

Damion Fauser, Custom Woodworker & Furniture Maker in Darra from Darra, QLD
Woodworker, Furniture Maker
from Darra, QLD, AU


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