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    “It's a beautiful thing when a passion and a career come together.”

At Handkrafted, we want to work talented and ambitious people who are as passionate as we are about original design and quality craftsmanship. Those of you with the expertise and ambition to help us build a world-class platform. If this sounds like you, we’d love to hear your story.

We are a small, passionate team working to create something meaningful and rewarding. We support the many talented, independent artisans in our community who sustainably produce high quality and original products that are built to last.

Current Opportunities

We don't have any roles currently advertised. Yet we're always interested in hearing from talented people who share our passion for quality bespoke craftsmanship. We'd love to hear from you, particularly developers, product managers, marketers and community managers.

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Our Manifesto

Custom made has a new name, carved from values of the past in order to reconstruct our future.

Because time-honoured skills deserve recognition. Because throwaway culture deserves disposal. Because quality has no substitute. Because we believe in bespoke products crafted in passion’s name, rich in story and sentiment. Our community thrives on connection. We listen. We care about your narrative. About the tales of great-great grandparents who bestowed on us their greats, their talents, their talented. We want to create more stories. To help transform wild ideas into masterpieces to bequeath to future generations.

Let’s build a better way. Together.

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