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Looking for handmade custom bookshelves, or possibly some floating shelves? A bespoke design that is both beautiful to look at as well as functional should be the ultimate aim. To help shape your design, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Take the time to thoroughly measure the space and don’t forget to leave adequate room to walk in front of the bookshelf
  • Consider the height of not only the surrounding space but the people needing to access the objects
  • What do you plan to store in the bookshelf (paperbacks, hard covers, magazines, CDs, nick knacks, DVDs, video games, photos etc.)? This will affect the height and depth of the shelving
  • Does the bookshelf need to be moveable or can it be built in?

Explore some of our makers’ product portfolios below for ideas and inspiration. You may wish to refine your search by specifying particular keywords or materials – here are a few suggestions:

  • Terminology: book case, bookshelf, shelving, cabinets, library furniture
  • Construction material: recycled timber, hardwood, oak, plywood, veneer
  • Style: open bookcase, glass doors, floating shelves, freestanding or built-in
  • Purpose: Use in a study, library, lounge room, bedrooms, hallway, kitchen, children’s room
  • Finishes: oiled, stained, polished

Our craftsmen and furniture makers specialise in custom orders and can create a bespoke piece tailored to your unique requirements.

Ready to start your own custom project? Simply post a brief and we’ll match it to a selection of the most suited craftspeople and artisans or if you prefer, find a maker you like and connect with them directly.

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