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As we warm up for the event itself we’ve been profiling a handpicked collection of designers who will be exhibiting at DENFAIR 2017.

Handkrafted honoured in this years Top 50 Australian Ecommerce Platforms - a list that recognises some of Australia’s biggest movers and shakers across a variety of sectors.

These makers operate everywhere from back sheds to small suburban showrooms, part of the resurgence in traditional craftsmanship.

Denfair had visitors enter a world of design creativity, as exemplified by the presence of Handkrafted.

Their project – Created with Care – highlights ‘community, originality and authenticity’ and their aim is to reveal amazing Australian artistry.

The charity event sees furniture makers from Handkrafted collaborate with artists from Bluethumb to create unique one-off pieces that will be auctioned for charity.

Handkrafted is like ‘Freelancer for craftspeople’ — a platform connecting people with artisan craftspeople to commission furniture and handmade goods.

A passion for lovingly handmade goods, a desire to support their makers and an awareness of a gap in the market have resulted in a crowdsourced design company with a difference.

Design Quarterly - Issue 58, Winter 2015
August 2015

In our search for future heirlooms, certain values are slowly coming back into focus: sustainable materials, analogue processes, quality craftsmanship.

We are so excited by the possibilities Handkrafted opens up for our community.

QUT Creative Enterprise Australia’s Startup Fund invests in custom made craftsmanship platform, Handkrafted.

Online craft marketplace gets a funding boost from QUT Creative Enterprise Australia.

Bespoke crowdsourcing platform Handkrafted has secured $100,000 from Sydney Seed Fund in order to accelerate platform development and market expansion.

...the momentum behind the ‘maker movement’ highlights the increasing demand for high quality, sustainably made products

Handkrafted founder Fred Kimel's journey from Macquarie Bank to the maker movement.

There’s something very special about having a piece of furniture in your home that you know someone has made carefully, lovingly and masterfully with their own hands.

Between the demise of the Yellow Pages and the growth of mass-produced ‘cookie cutter’ furniture – it was only a matter of time before a backlash started.

These makers have been brought together under the Handkrafted banner thanks to their shared passion for quality, authenticity and sustainability.

Like a Tinder for the furnitureless, the site hooks those in need of handmade stuff up with talented artisans champing at the bit to make it.

Each of Handkrafted’s makers may differ in style and skill, but it’s this underlying commitment to sustainable, high-quality craftsmanship that binds them.

Whether you have a tiny project in mind, or want to collaborate with an expert on a big idea, Handkrafted connects you with the right people.

Handkrafted is about telling the stories behind the products… But it is also about giving craftspeople a platform to shine.

Getting a one-off item made just for you is no longer the domain of the wealthy thanks to Handkrafted, a new website that’s challenging the view that custom-made means out-of-reach.

The platform aims to benefit not just retail clients, but also commercial clients and design professionals (architects and interior designers).

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