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It’s a little known fact that chairs are one of the most complex pieces of handmade furniture to make and many are often surprised by their cost compared to other items, often larger items such as dining tables and bedroom furniture. Whether you are looking for dining chairs, office chairs, outdoor chairs or bar stools, here are some of the factors that contribute to this:

  • Choice and availability of materials will impact the cost. Consider the cost difference between walnut, oak, ply and other material types. Using recycled timbers can provide a characterful and sustainable option.
  • The method of construction used will also play a big part. How much of the chair was made by hand and how much was machined using large tools?
  • The amount of joinery required to construct a completed wooden chair means it’s very labour intensive.

Whether you are looking for a specific type of chair of want to design your own, explore some of our makers’ product portfolios below for ideas and inspiration.

Our furniture craftsmen and specialist chair makers specialise in custom orders and can create a bespoke piece tailored to your unique requirements.

Find and connect directly with any of our makers or simply post a brief and we’ll match it to a selection of the most suited craftspeople and artisans.

Read the inspiring story of one customer’s custom valet chair or explore other related topics in our blog.

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