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Tables and desks come in all shapes and sizes and can be made in almost any material. Whether it’s a dining table, bedside table, writing desk, drawing table, or one custom made for sewing, taking tea or playing cards, there are probably more types of tables than any other class of furniture.

It’s important to think about how you will use the table as this will affect the type of timber used – if it’s a multipurpose coffee table for the family room, for example, it will need to be made of a more durable variety than say a table for the formal dining room.

To help you make the right timber choice, read our blog article on which timbers best suit different needs.

Consider the shape of the room and its position within the room when deciding on the shape of the table. Square and round tables fit best in square rooms, whilst rectangle or oval tables fit best in longer, narrow rooms.

If it’s a dining table you are after, make sure to measure up as you will ideally need about 60cm of space behind each dining chair to allow enough room for the chair to be pushed back. If you intend to use existing dining chairs, make sure you have at around 20cm of space between the chair seat and the table so allow for comfortable seating.

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