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Wood, Metal


Bespoke Art Furniture, Wood Turning, Wood Sculpture, Bespoke Fine Furniture


Modern, Contemporary, Artistic


Full time

Crafting since: 2010

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Profile Published: February 2015


Stratham, WA, 6237


Living on the land as a farmer my earlier work was influenced by the harmonies within nature. The quiet ripples in the sand left by wind, raging roaring swirling flames of fire and soothing eddies left by running water.
Since moving to the coast my inspirations have changed, wonderful shapes of seashells, coral and fine translucent appearance and structure of some seaweed and sponges.
My work now reflects influences from my past and incorporates some elements of my present environment. Combining a combination of these ideas from past and present has proved challenging bearing in mind they must compliment one another and maintain a balance with itself.
I still rely on the wood to direct me, working with grain direction and pattern, blemishes and voids.
The final destination is a piece that will inspire close inspection; thinking and feeling that the work is at peace in it’s surroundings.

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