FÅTÖLJ, Dahléns Dalum, Fåtöljindustri AB, 1960/70


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FÅTÖLJ, Dahléns Dalum, Fåtöljindustri AB, 1960/70
Ginny had inherited this gorgeous design piece from her auntie ,who had collected nordic mid century furniture. Based on this she was absolutely sure that it was Scandinavian, but had never be able to track this particular type online.
After a bit of research, I was able to identify the chair as FÅTÖLJ, Dahléns Dalum, Fåtöljindustri AB, 1960/70.

Over the years the very much 1960's orange fabric had fainted into a more subtle tone, which the owner had gotten used to. We looked for a mellow mustardy fabric and hit the jackpot with this wool weave by Kvadrat. Vidar 3 was designed by Raf Simons , who in my humble opinion has crafted some of the finest interior textiles.
The construction of the chair is rather intriguing. The upholstery is all build onto a large metal frame, without a single staple to be found. A canvas sheet covering the back rest, a rubberised hessian the seat- glued to the frame these form the base for the other materials to sit on. With several layers of foam the shape of the chair is moulded.
The fabric panels are pre- sewn and then glued onto the foam to create this tight and fitted look.
The fabric needs enough glue for it to stick, but carefully applied to not having any come through the fabric. Too little and it wont hold onto the foam. Too much it sticks down and wont move anymore without ripping the outer cardboard shell. My kind of challenge!
The cardboard shell that gives the bottom half that distinct sharp shape had totally decayed. Not just a bit- I mean entirely ! When I had removed the outers, a thousand pieces of worn cardboard fell on the ground. With some puzzle and guesswork we re-established the pattern.
Once the outer fabric panels are in place the fun of hand stitching the back panels on.

Last image is the before and after.

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Metal, Textiles, foam, cardboard


Mid-Century, FÅTÖLJ, Upholstery, Furniture Restoration

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dumped & ditched, Custom Woodworker & Upholsterer in Stanwell Park from Stanwell Park, NSW
Upholsterer, Woodworker
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