Sarah Tracton

Lighting Maker
from Elwood, VIC, AU

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Ceramic, Glass, Electrical Component, LED, Porcelain, Clay


Ceramics, Lighting, Design, Styling, Porcelain, Bespoke


Modern, Contemporary, Mid Century


Part time

Crafting since: 2018

Number of makers: 1

Profile Published: October 2018

This lighting range handcrafted by artist Sarah Tracton suits residential and commercial interiors seeking an aesthetic feel of truly unique warm and illuminating colour surfaces. Sarah is a BFA graduate of the National Art School in East Sydney.

The best part of this lighting is that it fully supports Australian industry and small batch making processes by hand - 100% handcrafted, with Australian porcelain clays, glazes and homegrown LEDs from Victoria. The porcelain clay in this range contains micro-fine iron free bentonite with the brightest firing kaolins, resulting in a silky smooth body with a glossy finish that is highly translucent. In firing reduction it is a unique blue/white colour, which enables added stains to appear particularly vibrant and iridescent in contrast.

Sarah's labor intensive construction process uses high quality, translucent Australian porcelain materials renowned for their whiteness and smooth surface. Each piece is individually handcrafted, forming their own unique markings and personality. The making process involves building architectural porcelain slabs from pouring liquid clay onto a plaster slab. Slip is then poured by layer onto the slab, then the sheets are peeled away. The lights fired twice – once at 1000 degrees and again at stoneware 1280 degrees. Between firings, the pieces are wet/dry sanded by hand to ensure smooth surface qualities.

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