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The Isla bath spout is hand made from reclaimed 80 year old blackbutt timber. Each piece of timber is put through a 12 step process including de-nailing, sanding and waxing to produce an individual timber spout, ensuring each finished timber spout is unique in aesthetic and character but uniform in levels of exceptional craftsmanship and quality.

70mm x 150mm x 100mm

Fits a standard half inch lugged elbow*.

All internal plumbing is brass. The Isla is available with a standard open-ended brass outlet designed for use in a bath, or a WELS-rated chrome-plated aerator* designed for use in a basin (aerator is visible, brass plumbing is internal) - select the 'Isla (basin)' option.

The Isla timber spout is not designed for use directly under a shower.

*lugged elbow is the threaded part that comes out of the wall

*aerator is the bit where the water comes out

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Bath Spout, Bathroom, Reclaimed Timber, Bath, Spout, Outlet, Faucet

Oliver Maclatchy
Wood Melbourne

Oliver Maclatchy, Custom Woodworker in Brunswick West from Brunswick West, VIC
from Brunswick West, VIC, AU


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