Neale Thompson

from Ballarat, VIC, AU

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Clean Lines, Contrasting Timbers, Through Wedged Tenons, Hand-Cut Dovetails

Profile Published: April 2014


Ballarat, VIC, 3350


A desire to breathe new life into discarded and aged timbers is a primary focus for the works that I create. Not only do salvaged timbers offer up a depth of colour and intensity of character, they by their very nature hold their own story. Whether that be as a structural element in a building or a post that’s part of a fence, each piece deserves to be brought back to life.
I gather inspiration from organic and architectural forms and relish the opportunity to produce fine furniture that will appreciate in value. Furniture should be pleasing to the eye, it should be functional and it should reflect the skills of the designer/maker. Many hours go into the hand-cutting of dovetails and mortise and tenons and I believe the inclusion of such elements gives consumers the chance to more fully appreciate the work that goes into producing fine furniture.
Over the past 15 years I have sought to develop my skills through a desire to constantly improve what I do. My professional training as a secondary school teacher has allowed the cultivation and growth of what began as a hobby. I am fortunate enough to have some good friends and colleagues working in the realm of “woodworking” who have more than generously bestowed upon me their knowledge and expertise. Additionally, I have conversed with a range of experts in a desire to incorporate what they have to say into the way I carry out my work. Purchasing high quality hand-tools when the budget allows has driven me further to upgrade my work. Just as life affords us continuous learning, so too, I hope, that my time in making fine furniture will do the same.

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