Riley Classic Balsawood Surfboards

Riley Classic Balsawood Surfboards

from Miranda, NSW, AU

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Miranda, NSW, 2228


Growing up near Melbourne and Sydney I was drawn to surfing at an early age and spent the majority of my time in the water. After completing my carpentry apprenticeship and working several years in the trade I was ready for a change. So I packed my bag and a couple of surfboards and was off on an extensive trip through Central and South America.

Two months into the trip I had broken both Polyurethane (PU) boards I had brought along. Having this frustrated experience in the back of my mind I stumbled upon balsa wood in Ecuador. The material was light, had great flex characteristics and grew on sustainable farms. Being a carpenter by trade I knocked up my first board then and there.

After the first trial sessions I saw the potential in the material - not just as solid balsa surfboards but also in the combination with foam.

12 months after leaving Australia I returned to Sydney – in tow a container of balsa sticks. Soon after, in April 1996, Riley Balsawood Surfboards was founded.

The company started making beautiful, high quality retro style 50's and 60's Malibus. On the side I tested combinations of balsa and foam on my private boards. Three years later I was convinced to have found a true alternative to polyurethane surfboards. Recycled EPS foam in combination with a 2-3mm balsa "skin" made the boards super light but also very strong. The boards felt great in the water and attracted much attention. Word of mouth spread fast and soon the order books were filled with solid Classics as well as a range of EPS core shortboards, fishes, minimals and high performance longboards.

Nowadays I am still the director of Riley Classic Balsa Boards. I am the head shaper and run the whole operation of selecting the balsa wood in Ecuador, grading, cutting, laminating, shaping and finishing all orders. As Ecuadorian balsa is renowned for its superb quality we still import containers on a regular basis. As we are constantly trying to reduce our impact on the environment we have also started growing balsa trees here in Australia. We are very proud of hand crafting all our products right here in Australia.

In late 2007 Riley Balsawood Surfboards launched an instructional DVD in which I share all my balsa shaping secrets. After great response from the surfing community we soon later also released a downloadable E-book explaining in detail how a solid balsawood surfboard is made.

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