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This table top measures in at 130cm diameter and was commissioned by Meg as a top only, because her husband is a metal fabricator and they wanted to make their own base/legs. It's just sitting on a temporary base for photo purposes.
This features some painted sections, some gold foil and glitter inlay filled with resin, recycled oregon, and recycled mahogany. The mahogany came from the Bribbaree station homestead which was built in 1877, demolished in 1977. I was born in 1977 so obviously didn't salvage these myself, but the guy who did salvage them, had them in his attic with a project in mind that just never happened, so when clearing out his home to downsize, he took the time to find a local maker that would appreciate their story. Photos by Ona Janzen

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8 - 10 Weeks

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Dining Tables


Wood, Plastics, Paint,


Furniture, Art, Reclaimed Timber, Recycled Timber, Dining Table

Flitch & Rasp
By: Bianca Hayden

Flitch & Rasp, Custom Furniture Maker in Blackheath from Blackheath, NSW
Furniture Maker
from Blackheath, NSW, AU


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