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These Percussion Station, Hybrid-Cajon’s are a player-focused, high-performance professional musical instrument. Five powerful drums built into a standard-sized Cajon’s footprint and weight.

A unique take on a traditional cajon drum, each side of the drum is its own tuned playing surface. The front; screwed face, is a cajon with a magnetic one-touch fully adjustable snare mechanism. Working clockwise around the drum the next side holds a pair of bongos, followed by a djembe face and the next a conga (see map diagram).

Through the development of an integrated chassis, it is possible to create specifically tuned faces. With every component precisely tailored to maximise structural integrity of the instrument as a whole, there are significant gains in volume, harmonic complexity and a richer tone.

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Musical Instruments


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Hand Percussion, Cajon, Bongos, Djembe, Conga, Hybrid Percussion, Andy Rasheed, Small Drum Revolution, SDR, Adelaide Hills

Andy Rasheed
SDR (Small Drum Revolution)

Andy Rasheed, Custom Musical Instrument Maker in Wistow from Wistow, SA
Musical Instrument Maker
from Wistow, SA, AU

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