Michael Zolotarev

Furniture Maker, Woodworker
from Pagewood, NSW, AU

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Wood, Metal, Glass


Unique Furniture

Profile Published: February 2014


Pagewood, NSW, 2035


I have a passion for designing furniture which is unique, non-orthodox and practical. Dining and coffee tables, chairs, things which can be shaped to stand out, yet are suitable and comfortable for everyday use.

The design phase is what gives me the greatest joy; I spend plenty of time doing sketches and prototypes, and I use 3D CAD a lot.

In my opinion a furniture designer's craft is impossible without exposure to a real workshop. Solid technological processes and well-proven methods of manufacturing and assembling must be followed, whether you make traditional or modern things. A piece of furniture must *not just stand, but last*. Since I've joint Terry Gleeson's woodworking school 3 years ago, I've developed better understanding of timber and the technology, and there is still a lot to learn.

I prefer making things which are targeted and designed for a particular place/owner, to fit into the environment around it or to create an environment of its own.

Combining timber with other materials offers design ideas beyond traditional woodworking; most things I've done utilise not only timber but also stainless steel and glass. Sometimes I deliberately expose 'construction elements' where it can be used as a feature. To make necessary gadgets from various metals and stainless steel I go to people who deal with these materials professionally; I can always rely on their expertise and creativity.

I'm not shy of using plywood for internal structural parts, where appropriate. High-grade plywood is a great technological choice, saving a lot of time and money without sacrificing the aesthetics and style. For the exterior, I always pick the best available timber I can within the specified budget.

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