Michael Hoffman

Woodworker, Furniture Maker, Metalsmith, Lighting Maker
from Blackheath , NSW, AU

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Wood, Metal, Plastics, Found Objects, Industrial Bits, Scavenged, Salvaged, Recycled


One Off, Art Furniture, Curves, Recycled, Salvaged, Fine, Creative, Craftsmanship, Quality, Architectural


Contemporary, Modern, Vintage, Industrial


Full time

Crafting since: 2001

Number of makers: 1

Profile Published: June 2015


Blackheath , NSW, 2785


Michael Hoffman is an artist based in the Blue Mountains NSW.
He is an artist who likes making things.
Michael specializes in high quality one of a kind pieces and believes aesthetics are essential to a good piece , but never at the cost of a thoughtful, well crafted outcome.
Michael has studied and practices the skills of fine woodwork but chooses not to define himself as a woodworker. He often incorporates metals and found objects into his works.
Believing that a one of a kind piece often needs one of a kind hardware he often crafts his own, utilising skills he has learnt in machining, welding and cutting threads.
Michael believes strongly in using materials that he feels to be ethical and harvests what he needs from the bush, local timber and scrap metal merchants or from rubbish skips.
Michael also believes in making a high quality item that will not end up in landfill, something that will be around for others to have a good look at and play with a good many years from now.

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