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Straw Marquetry, Wood Work, Steel Work

Profile Published: April 2015


Alexandria, NSW, 2015


Arthur Seigneur was born in Paris, France in 1990, he grew up with his father, who is an engraver artist. He started an apprenticeship in a wood work school in Paris at age 16. There he won a competition as “Un des Meilleur Apprenti de France” (The Best Craftsmen Apprentice in France). In and around Paris he worked in various shops including Reinhardt von Nagel - harpsichord maker, Michel Germond - high hand furniture restoration and Serio Vittorio - high hand furniture.

While working in a work-shop in New Orleans for Heinz Gautschi, he exposed his first work incorporating straw. Surprised by the overwhelming response by the people, he was pushed to enter a contest where he won first place.

After returned in Paris, he went to see Lison de Caune, the most renowned Straw Marquetrist. In her shop he honed skills and reached the decision to start his own workshop. It is in 2015 that Arthur decided to move to Sydney with the will of introducing straw marquetry to the Australian market, making high end furniture and always incorporating fine straw marquetry into each piece.

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