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Wood Spirit

from Manifold Heights, VIC, AU

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Manifold heights, VIC, 3218


A woodworker since childhood (I was using a band-saw before primary school ) with a fascination of the beauty that lies within apparently nondescript pieces of timber that never faded. I'm still rummaging through demolition sites or firewood piles trying to salvage the treasures that others fail to see.

After years of developing skills and experimentation whilst working elsewhere (mostly churning out kitchens and the like; as well as they were made had no passion, mostly because of the materials ) I decided to start Wood Spirit to get back to doing what is in my nature.

Currently I build to order mostly in whatever style is required. I might offer suggestions - but in the end the customer will always get what they want as long as this is actually physically possible (I have had to convince people before that their concepts won't work in the real world, but with hidden strengthening or a little more depth things have always been done). Having said that challenging designs are more than welcome as long as a solution is feasible, but I will NOT make something that will not last for its purpose - preferably for multiple generations (the unlikely, I can do but changing the laws of physics is a bit beyond me).

Will work in recycled/recovered timbers or sustainable timber of any kind as well as assorted metals, resins, stone, glass, electrical or other components as desired. Small or large jobs are all welcome.

In essence whatever you want - let me know. Quotes are of course free.

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