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from Windella, NSW, AU

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Windella, NSW, 2320


I have been working with wood for almost fifty years and have always admired and appreciated the beauty and characteristics of wood, even when one cuts more than one piece out of the same length of wood there is a high possibility that the new pieces will have different characteristics to the old piece and the freshly cut pieces.

After spending my working life pushing paper around a desk firstly, as an Accountant, then as a TAFE Teacher and finally as a Solicitor I decided that it was time to devote more time working with wood.

Firstly, I studied Woodturning at TAFE for three years followed by four and a half years learning the skills of Wood Machining and Furniture Making and I am currently in the final stages of a Wood Finishing Course also at TAFE.

To really appreciate the beauty of wood the finish that goes on the wood has to highlight the texture, grain configeration and even sometimes the defects in wood so to this end some items may be French Polished, some may be Lacqued in Gloss or Satin or even Polyurathane.

Some boxes may also be finished with Danish Oil or given a coat of Shellac and sometimes both.

Over recent years I have designed and made a range of Jewellery Boxes, Document Boxes, Bandsawn Boxes which together with a range of other wood products are now being offered to our valued clients so that they to can appreciate the wonders and beauty of wood.

Wood is timeless and needs to be protected and conserved so many of our boxes are made from solid wood Veneer which requires less solid wood to be consumed in their production.

All our products are handcrafted and we commend them to you.

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