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Profile Published: November 2016


Victoria Keesing is a Sydney-based furniture and lighting designer and maker who works with both wood and metal. As an extensive traveller and admirer of beautiful things, aesthetic influences are represented in her unique designer furniture pieces.

Much of Victoria’s design work has focused on stripping back traditional designs to try to get to their essence. The Spanish Chair is such an example, which shows just a hint of its hispanic origins.

Victoria strongly believes that furniture needs to provide beauty into your home but is also for living with.

“Furniture is more than something to sit on or eat off, it is the art form on to which you imprint your family’s story.“

Victoria is well known for her seed pod lighting range, inspired by burgeoning pods you see hanging off trees, which brings an organic sense of design into your home.

Victoria loves to design bespoke furniture for your home as well. She designs and makes furniture and lighting and also works with local furniture designers to ensure the best quality and craftsmanship. All products are 100% Australian made.

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