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Rolf Barfoed's ‘Folded’ trays are made from Australian spotted gum, a timber species grown on the east coast of Australia.
Rolf Barfoed designed the tray after seeing a friend making a paper model. The way the paper would flex back after being folded inspired the oblique angle of the edges.
Each tray is made from a single piece of material. From rough-sawn stock, the material is dressed and pre-sanded before being cut into five pieces and glued together to form the angled edged tray. Careful attention is given to the grain so that it flows along the base into the side folds.
A close look at the outside folds shows four spline joints along each edge. These are carefully cut with a hand saw and a thin veneer of material is glued and trimmed flush with the surrounding material. The spline joints are a feature detail but also act as important joinery to reinforce the structure.
The trays are sanded finely giving them a silky smooth finish. Their finish is a food safe oil and may be lightly refurbished from time to time with any household cooking oil; simply wipe it on and off with a paper towel. The trays may be cleaned gently with a damp cloth and stubborn grime can be scrubbed off with a fine scourer or grade ‘0000’ (four zero) steel wool.

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Tray, Serving Tray, Dish

Woodworker, Furniture Maker
from Fyshwick, ACT, AU


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