Pierre Greenway

from Perth, WA, AU

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Woodwork, Cabinetry, Modelmaking, Product Design, Fine Art, Upcycling, Salvaging

Profile Published: November 2014


Perth, WA, 6008


Welcome to Pierre Greenways creative ‘gaff’. The place where all the thoughts and ideas that have survived his ‘moving on to another thing’, grasshopper mind live. And it’s right here where fine people like yourselves can touch, smell, see, hear and even buy some of these irrepressibly jaunty creations.

Pierre is a designer/maker from London who decided to sail the stormy seas to Western Australia to find inspiration in the sun, sand and smoother sea that this beautiful place provides. When he’s not in his workshop, out in the surf, up in the bush or at the local watering hole, he can be found searching the streets of Perth for unwanted and unloved bits and pieces that could bring joy and love to a certain someone again… A creative cupid, some might say… but probably not.

All the products are bespoke and crafted by his own hand. His time, passion, energy, love have gone into every single detail and even though they may have their blemishes and imperfections, they all have their own character and personality.

So, to whatever brings you to this creative cabin, welcome! And if you feel like you’d love to bring one of these little personalities into your life, hit up the shop, or drop a line. Better still, do both… Enjoy!

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