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Oliver Throsby, socially conscious furniture

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from Double Bay, NSW, AU


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Wood, Leather


Reclaimed Wood, Dining Tables, Sustainable, Recycled Timber, Hardwood


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Double Bay, NSW, 1360



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Handmade sustainable furniture, home wares and goods. Specialising in custom interior pieces from repurposed timber and ethical leather

My approach to making is to leave it in a better way than you found it.

With that I mean lots of things. I mean our planet, the local environment and in my case pieces of wood and leather.

Those old grey railway sleepers or pylons at a ferry wharf have a whole new life to live. As a piece of furniture or serving board at the table. Maybe the table itself.

Furniture I make are usually on their second or third love. Meaning they've been a beautiful tree first, which hopefully offered shade to something smaller than itself and perhaps was home to a bird or a snake. Often, when they're old they come down in storms and a miller will cut them into giant slabs. Other times they go on to be built into small bridges in rural Australia until the road is widened and a new bridge is needed.

The hidden timber underneath is the treasure. That rough grey surface has been protecting what is about to find its way to my shed and then your home.

If there is something in particular you'd like made, or have a custom order I look forward to hearing from you.

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