Travancore Record Cabinet


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This record cabinet was designed for a modern couple who live in an urban townhouse. The brief was to upgrade their existing record cabinet while integrating additional storage for every day items.

American Walnut was chosen for the timber to bring vibrancy to the room while, at the same time, complimenting the quarter-sawn Victorian Ash featured throughout the house (also giving a wink to their love for American music.)

Copper tube was incorporated throughout the cabinet to breakup the plain sawn Walnut and also provide a little bit of bling.

The clients wanted to move away from their previous cabinet that featured records standing upright like books in a bookcase, towards better emulate a record store feel, so a flip through presentation was incorporated.

Estimated Lead Time

6 - 8 Weeks

Product Category

Cabinets & Cupboards


Wood, Metal, Copper, Walnut, American Walnut


Cabinet, Record Cabinet, Vinyl Cabinet

Furniture Maker, Woodworker
from Brown Hill (Ballarat), VIC, AU


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