Liz Bowtell

- Eco-friendly - Cruelty free - Ethical furniture -

Woodworker, Furniture Maker, Lighting Maker
from East Warburton, VIC, AU

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Wood, Metal, Textiles


Artist, Designer, Woodworker, Bespoke, High-End, Furniture, Lighting


Modern, Contemporary


Full time

Crafting since: 2010

Number of makers: 1


ABN 43648050325 verified

Profile Published: May 2018


East Warburton, VIC, 3799


About the designer:
My name is Liz Bowtell and I’m a furniture designer and maker from the Yarra Valley, Victoria. Specialising in woodwork, each piece is hand crafted with precision and care. Hand selecting premium timbers and materials for each product with strong attention to detail.

Making the tree change to Warburton in 2013, I found inspiration in the peace and harmony of living within nature amongst the tree ferns and tall gums. Drawing upon the naturally occurring soft curves, shadows and form to capture a warm energy into my art.

I am very passionate about living a cruelty free, vegan and eco-friendly lifestyle so it was a must that these philosophies came through in each and every design. I absolutely love what I do and only become more passionate as the years go by.

About the business:
Nalah is a unique and independent business that seeks to set a new standard in hand crafted furniture. With the ultimate aim of creating timeless, high quality pieces that are both environmentally friendly and cruelty free, Nalah aspires to be a leader in gaining awareness in the design and construction of socially conscious furniture.

Nalah strives to create innovative works of art, inspired by nature, handcrafted with the balance of proportion, materials and finishes. All stages of creation reflect the core social principals of Nalah, sourcing eco-friendly, cruelty free and vegan materials while producing them though natural methods with minimal waste.

All woodwork components are hand crafted in the Yarra Valley, any additional outsourcing is made within Victoria. With multiple finishes, materials and sizes available across a wide range of products each order is custom made to best suit your space.

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