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Cold-Pressed Skateboard

Crafted in a steel and concrete Press, hand-built and painstakingly fine-tuned, this machine is the pride and joy of InnerWestPressed.
Currently the only independent Presser in Sydney, these boards are truly unique.

Using 7 Plys of imported Canadian Maple of the finest quality, sandwiched under 22 tons of pressure using only glue, the board is cold-pressed then hand-crafted.
No heat, no steam, no plastic.
This method is slow and costly, but produces a finer quality board across many aspects.
Manufacturing processes use steam to set the glue in the press quicker, then heat and pressure to melt plastic graphics onto the board once its shaped. This damages the integrity of the timber, and creates no bond between the graphic and the wood.
At InnerWestPressed each Skateboard Graphic is screen-printed directly onto the timber, soaking into the grain and producing an image that lasts.

Support your local skateboard craftsman!

Each Graphic is printed in a Limited Edition run.

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InnerWest Pressed
Skateboard Craftsman

InnerWest Pressed, Custom Woodworker in Marrickville from Marrickville, NSW
from Marrickville, NSW, AU

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