Elise Cameron-Smith

from South Coast, NSW, AU

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Carving, Handcrafted Furniture, Homewares, Sculpture

Profile Published: August 2014


South Coast, NSW, 2515


Elise Cameron-Smith is the modern day Thumbelina, except she doesn't live inside a flower. She has the tiniest hands you will ever see on an adult, too small to play the piano, but the perfect size for carving details onto wood - and reaching into tight gaps when things get lost. Over a short lifetime of just 24 years, Elise has been developing from painter to furniture maker, crossing her talents in art and design with her penchant for chisels and timber. As a free-spirited surfer and wanderer, you can't predict what she will do, or where she will head next. But for now, she is pretty happy paddling out in the oceans of the South Coast of NSW, living and dreaming in the depths of the escarpment near her home. Inspired by everything around her, the fruits of her labour are nearly always spontaneous, trademarked by her femininity and old world head, on a tiny new world body. More than anything, Elise is passionate about her work, and hopes that each piece she makes will be a prized possession in its home from the day it is bought, through to its passing to the next generation.

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