Perrie Lou Kitchen Table

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This one is a bit more of a pitch for a job. I created a set of drawings and options for a kitchen table I'd really like to make.

Part of why I want to make this is because I started to find the words and approach I'd like to use with clients for working with me. I don't often make the same thing mainly due to my temperament and the wood I have at hand often varies and this is often difficult to explain and isn't the way most folk make. Being a small business I don't keep a lot in stock. Being me I don't make the same thing twice. Being the general public that can be a little difficult to get your head around.

The other part of why I would like to make this is because it will be a Major Babe.

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Dining Tables, Kitchen




Kitchen, Table, Furniture, Home, Reclaimed, Salvaged

A Good Looking Man
Andrew Christie

A Good Looking Man , Custom Woodworker in Fremantle from Fremantle, WA
from Fremantle, WA, AU


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