Saratoga Trunk

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I've only ever made one of these and would dearly love to revisit it. It was the first thing I'd made using a dado blade (sometimes called a dado stack - it's like having many blades on a table saw at once to allow you to make wide slots and cuts quickly). Scary fun table saw adventures.

The type of construction is known as panel and frame which has become a really American style of woodworking - you don't really see much of it here in Australia except for custom made doors. It's probably because we have quite a temperate environment and dense wood which doesn't move around too much with humidity.

I've only made this trunk once and would like to take a ping at it again. It could be done with reclaimed wood, straight ply (and i'd like to do it with wooden hinges and latches with that) or straight up, nicely dressed timber. If you'd like to see some options let me know and I'll draw them up.

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Trunk, Box, Storage

A Good Looking Man
Andrew Christie

A Good Looking Man , Custom Woodworker in Fremantle from Fremantle, WA
from Fremantle, WA, AU


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