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This workshop came about out of my own desire to make something.

When I started making furniture I found most plans called for tools I didn’t have. Table saws and jointers and routers. There also seemed to be these holes in the instructions where it was assumed I knew what I was doing.

What I did have was 2 drills, a hammer, a hand saw and a loose idea – I’d seen a chair before and I really wanted to make one.

I started to develop ways of making furniture using tools that most people have (or can borrow) and out of materials that can be found on the side of the road. Instead of working with exacting dimensions I began working with proportions and making things relative to each other. Then I drew up a set of plans and found me a group of folk who fancied knocking a little something up.

Venue Requirements:

The Workshop can be pretty much run anywhere there is shade (I am a ginger and I have my needs). My preference is for a hard floor (concrete, tiles or floorboards) simply because it means I don’t have to vacuum at the end of the workshop. Vacuuming sucks. Literally.

This Workshop has been performed in vacant stores, wine bars, laundromats, backyards and boardrooms. There is some low level noise for a period of the Workshop (drills and impact drivers) so please be conscious of that when looking for a space. Allow for about 3m2 per participant.

Allow for a maximum of 8 people per workshop with up to 2 workshops deliverable per day. Workshops run between 3 - 4 hours with an hour either side for set up and pack down and a break in-between to recharge equipment.

Health and Safety:

Having fingers is a wonderful thing. If something hurts then stop doing it.

All participants will be instructed in how to safely work with the tools and will be supplied with all the prerequisite safety gear of safety glasses and ear protection.

The tools themselves are very low risk and no hands will be near moving parts. Hand saws will be used with saw guides and cordless drills will be used in the correct prescribed manner.

No participant will be admitted to the workshop without closed toe shoes or if intoxicated. Hair lackeys will also be on standby if anyone has long hair - it’s all about teaching good wood working habits.


Workshop, Educational, Learning, Stool, Reclaimed, Furniture

A Good Looking Man
Andrew Christie

A Good Looking Man , Custom Woodworker in Fremantle from Fremantle, WA
from Fremantle, WA, AU


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