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Andrew Christie

from Fremantle, WA, AU

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Inventive, Woodworking, Furniture, Lighting, Homewares, Table, Reclaimed, Salvage, Lamp


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Fremantle, WA, 6160


I’m not really a normal kind of furniture maker who makes lots of the same thing en masse. That seems repetitive, boring and vaguely French.

I make things that I want to make. I want to go through that process of chin scratching, loving, hating, questioning, mistaking, resolving, learning and then loving again. That’s why I do what I do and why it looks like it looks. There is no formula, no system, no undiscovered genius. There is just an accumulation of experience and experimentation coupled with interest, hard work and pride.

The end game for me is getting this business to the position where I can make what ever it is that I wish to make and if someone would like to have it they can purchase it. That’s my dream. Real simple. Old mate Bob Dylan once said a successful man is someone who gets up in the morning, goes to bed at night and in-between does whatever it is that he wishes to do.

Pricing up objects that don’t exist is hard and takes a while sometimes. Often I spend a period of time picturing it or waiting for the right materials to show up to spark it.

If you are able to give me an indication of what you are looking to spend early on in the conversation it helps me a lot as I won’t get too carried away with what I’m picturing. If you can also provide some pictures of things that you’ve seen (mine or anyone else’s) that would be great - it’ll help us get on the same page much quicker and give the both of us a clearer picture of what you are looking for and the price of it.

Sometimes what I would like to make exceeds what a client would like to spend and that is fine. There are always ways to work around it. A business that only makes money is not a good
business. I have a bottom dollar which I am happy to work to and I am totally open to barter and trade. Giving me a call in two months because you’ve found a pile of wood is worth a lot to me - it allows me to make more furniture. Sharing a photo on social media is almost as good as dollars as it’s where next weeks job comes from. Inviting me round for a meal on the table I made is some kind of sweetness.

What I hope is coming through with all of this is that I invest myself into my work. It’s what makes it look like it looks.

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